March 5, 2018
Taco Bell logo

Project Profile – Taco Bell

Job-sites Twelve Taco Bell parking lots, located in Cleveland and Columbus, OH (2 1/2 hours away) Duration of Project Taco Bell’s Regional VP of Operations called us mid September […]
March 1, 2018
A resurfaced asphalt parking lot looks fresh and clean.

Asphalt vs Concrete: When to Choose Asphalt

The majority of residential and commercial driveways are finished with one of the two most cost-effective materials: asphalt or concrete. If you are wondering what to […]
February 28, 2018
Make a great first impression with line striping

Benefits of Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing

More than 25% of your asphalt parking lot is looking rough and you’re wondering whether it can be fixed by resurfacing or if it needs to […]
February 27, 2018
Make a great first impression with line striping

Bad Pavement Cracks: When Crack Sealing Just Won’t Cut It

Is your parking lot suffering from bad pavement cracks? Crack sealing is great, as it’s an important way to extend the lifespan of your asphalt, provided […]
February 27, 2018
Laying Asphalt on Ohio Street Terre Haute 1897

12 Cool Facts About the History of Asphalt

Here are 12 Cool Facts About the History of Asphalt: The ancient Babylonians (a Mesopotamian culture, located in present-day Iraq)  were the first to mix sand […]
February 27, 2018
We can preserve and maintain your hotel's pavement

Top 3 Considerations for Quality Asphalt Paving

No matter what professional service you’re contemplating, being an informed consumer will always save you time, money and irritation in the long run. Of course, this […]